Dalmatian Islands comments

When I was a kid I remember listening to stories told by elders from the Dalmatian Islands. They talked about times when hundreds of people lived in villages on the islands. It was a time when evenings were spent going from one island to the other to see theater performances, exhibitions and to socialize. Every island was a like neighbourhood of a large city. It was an example of cultural and intellectual development in the middle of nature, otherwise reserved for large urban areas where a lot of ideas and people meet.

Fishing life on the islands is real, personal and healthy. Life is not like a rabitt that you are always trying to catch. It’s in front of you – it’s slow, durable and smells of moisture, fish and salt. You can feel all its weight. There is no faking – life is brutally honest; tracing its roots in history and nurturing a healthy respect towards ancestors. There is no fear of being forgotten.

On the other hand, toughness and rigidness of life allows for few choices. That’s probably what makes life on the islands look easy and appealing for a contemporary traveler coming for a week of holidays – a person used to the unbearable life of making all kinds of decisions every day. On the islands, life is simple with few decisions to be made.

Dalmatian Islands today are home to declining and dissappearing villages with aging populations. Scattered around the hilltops, villages are living museums standing as proof of life that once was.

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